How Alibaba Compliance team acknowledged TMCH service

「Alibaba’s trademarks registered in TMCH enjoy several benefits, apart from priority domain registration, through Claim Service and Alert Notification, we are capable to reclaim our domain names in time.」


Trademark Verification and Submission Service

TMCH(Trademark Clearinghouse)

Notification System

During the Trademark Claims period, anyone attempting to register a domain name matching a mark that is recorded in the Trademark Clearinghouse will receive a notification displaying the relevant mark information. If the notified party goes ahead and registers the domain name, the Trademark Clearinghouse will send a notice to the one or more trademark holders with matching records in the Clearinghouse, informing them that someone has registered the domain name.

One-Stop Shop

Upon registration, brand owners can enjoy the convenience of Sunrise Services on every new gTLD for all registries.


Enables early registration of brand domain name. This greatly increases the chance of registering the desired domain, also prevents costly re-acquisition that may take place afterwards.

Unique Repository of Authenticated Information

By enrolling in The Trademark Clearinghouse, one is protected from online infringement. It is the first-line of defense and provides authenticated proof for the brand owner.



1 year 3 years 5 years
$1,500 RMB $4,100 RMB $6,700 RMB

Note: Brandma reserves the right to adjust the service fee without advanced notice.

TMCHTrademark Clearinghouse was created by ICANN as part of the new gTLD initiative, and is an integral mechanism in domain trademark protection. Official operation began on March 26, 2013.

The Trademark Clearinghouse is a unique, global repository of authenticated information from trademark holders. All trademark holders are able to register for TMCH before or during the release of new gTLD for protection.

TMCH Purpose

The Trademark Clearinghouse functions by being a unique, global repository of authenticated information from trademark (rights) holders and then providing this information in a standard form to the domain name services industry (registries and registrars). The benefits of recording a trademark in the Clearinghouse include access to Sunrise Period registration within each new gTLD and the Trademark Claims service.

TMCH Background

As of early 2013, there are only 22 top-level-domains in existence. However, with the gradual release of new gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains), that number will swell to more than 1,300. This drastic change not only brings new opportunities for brand owners, but also brand infringers. In order to protect brand owners worldwide, during June of 2012, ICANN announced the partnership between IBM and DeLoitte and forms The Trademark Clearinghouse, which officially started to operate on March 26, 2013.


Upon submission and payment of a trademark record, the trademark record and the provided information will be verified in order to determine whether: 1) all provided information is accurate and complete and 2) the trademark meets the eligibility requirements as established by these Clearinghouse guidelines.

Claims Services

Claims service follows the Sunrise Period. It is a notification service mandated by ICANN for all new gTLDs – to warn both potential domain name registrants as well as trademark holders (with their marks in the Clearinghouse) of possible infringements.

Sunrise Services

Sunrise services allow trademark holders an advance opportunity to register domain names corresponding to their marks either defensively or with a view to exploiting a valuable new web address before new names are made available to the public. New gTLD registries are required to offer a Sunrise period of at least 30 days.

   Customization of your Sunrise Strategy

With Brandma’s expertise, our consultants support you to devise customized new gtld corporate strategy for pre-registration.

   More Label Allowance

You are allowed to submit a maximum of 20 labels (including your trademark’s extra variants) via TMCH agent submission, doubling the quota of personal application.

   Preliminary Application Screening Service

Brandma’s consultants will conduct a preliminary verification on your document submission in order to avoid any extra cost, time and effort incurred.

   Integrated Platform for TMCH, Pre-registration & Domain Management

Once your purchase TMCH agent service, you are granted with FREE access right to BrandCloud, an integrated platform for your domain and trademark management.

   Auto-renewal upon Expiration

When your trademark registration is upon expiry, it will be automatically renewed which allows non-stop trademark protection. You will not suffer from re-approval procedure as a result of missing renewal deadline.

   Multi-language Support

We offer professional TMCH consultancy (in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, as well as English), simply contact us via phone call or email.

   Immediate Customer Inquiry Support

We consolidate and compile practical information and Q&A in a user guide (Quick Fix) in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, as well as English versions. You can also download it from Brandma.Co company website.(

TMCH Submission Form




Trademark Category

Registration Number

Registration Date


Description of Goods and Services

Detailed Description of Goods and Services

Status of the Holder

Files Upload (PDF or JPEG、File size less than 5mb)

Trademark Registration Certificate Upload(PDF or JPEG、File size less than 5mb)

Declaration of Proof of Use Upload(PDF or JPEG、File size less than 5mb)


TMCH Blocking


In order to better protect the rights of trademark owners, Donuts registry has implemented DPML (Domains Protected Marks List). This defensive registration mechanism prevents others from registering domains that contains a trademarked name with their gTLDs. To maximize the prevention of trademark infrigement, Brandma recommends combining both TMCH and Donuts DPML to block unauthorized registration of your brand name online.

Once DPML is in effect, this will block all registrations that contains all keywords of your brand, as specified by your DPML strings

360˚ of protection

Protect your trademark as well as brand keywords

Simple Workflow

Easy operational flow for brand domain registration prevention

Integrated System

Provides integrated flow of gTLD management, results in resource savings

Low cost with high efficiency

Provides total coverage at a smaller cost compared to blocking one TLD at a time

  • One needs to have their brand and/or keywords registered into The Trademark Clearinghouse, and also provide the trademark SMD file in order to process for Donuts DPML
  • Be consistent with the trademark including the keywords

Keyword Examples

Trademark Term selected for DPML Term valid for DPML? Explanation
Yahoo Yahoo Yes DPML term is an exact match of the trademark
Yahoo Yahoooo Yes DPML term contains an exact match of the trademark
IBM IBMservices No Trademark is fewer than four characters in length and cannot be used for “contains” DPML. Three character DPML terms are permitted but only as an exact match of the trademark.
Verizon ver1zon No DPML term is a misspelling that does not contain an exact match of the trademark
AMEX myamexcard Yes DPML term contains an exact match of the trademark
UnitedParcelService Unitedparcelsservice No The term contains an extra “s” and does not contain an exact match of the trademark
  • DPML term allows for trademarks that are 3 characters or more

DPML terms cannot be applied to:

  • Premium domain names (such as registry reserved or 1 to 2 character second-level domain names)
  • Domains that have already been registered
  • Exact match of the trademark
  • General domain names changed to premium domain names

Exclusive TMCH blocking service for registered TMCH trademarks and keywords
RMB 15,000-35,000 per 5 years


TMCH Value-added Services

New gTLD Domain Recommendations

TMCH Service

Provide all new gTLD basic information, sunrise period and news update.  The report also offers analysis on different categories of new gTLD’s registration statistics for your reference.

Crucial;Must register domain
Important:Recommend defensive action
Attention;Trademark string should be submitted to TMCH