Internet Brand Protection Alliance(IBPA)

Background & Mission of IBPA

Domain and web hosting service providers possess vast resources and are obliged to act against online infringement
Alliance members jointly co-operate and mutually support to protect brand owners’ digital assets

IBPA's Model and Areas of Co-operation

Trademark online infringement, Infringement of IP and copyright 、Fake websites、Phishing、Other online infringement

Brand monitoring via brand names and keywords to protect online brand equities

Well-established communication mechanism among Alliance members for swift and effective enactment

Discussion forums are regularly organised by Alliance members together with brand owners' participation on brand protection direction and strategies

IBPA Membership Requirements:

Only ICANN accredited registrars/registries or web hosting service providers are eligible to be Alliance members

Alliance members are with industry reputation and contribution,member referrals are welcome

Share and commit in the mission of the Alliance